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2016 Season Funds Awarded

We’re excited to announce the projects that were funded with money collected over the 2016 summer season. Thank you to all the dedicated volunteers in our community doing such good work!

Gateway Hose Company Fire & Ambulance Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) $63,480

Greater Gardiner Community Council

Community Center Renovation Grant Writer $12,083

Greater Gardiner Community Council Community Center Entry/Foyer Renovation Design $33,276

Greater Gardiner Community Council Community Center Hazardous Materials Abatement $107,450

Electric Peak Arts Council Youth Initiative $1,950

Electric Peak Arts Council Shakespeare in the Parks 2017 $1,300

Electric Peak Arts Council Stage Curtains $5,589

Bear Creek Council Bear Aware Trash Bins $12,514 Gardiner Water District Hydrant Replacement $53,400

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